S8 Open Baffle Speakers

4x HiVi K1 Tweeters
2x Vifa P13WH-00-08
6x Jaycar 10" woofers

Fully dipole radiation. LF equalized using Linkwitz transform to -3db at 20Hz.

Build process here.

System compromises :
- 5" mid still acoustically too small for 30cm baffle, thus the first dip is 1kHz
- HiVi K1 can only crossed comfortably 1.8kHz upwards. A 1.4kHz tweeter like Seas Millenium would be nice. But at $350 each they're way out of my league.

Update 20/7
The first compromise, P13 being acoustically too small for 30cm baffle is more serious than I thought initially. I was unable to get smooth midrange response despite multiple stages of equalization/notch. I have since scrapped this design and returned to S7-styled baffle, yet with further improvements.

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