Work in Progress

Random notes of work in progress

18/12/12 - Observations and measurement of Nao Note

NaO (and Orions) commercial kit offering designed by experts in the field. It is a reference design. Particulary with Nao Note variant where it is desired to maintain true dipole polar response to high frequencies.

DIYAudio link:

9/11/12 - S22 Improving high frequency directivity

9/10/12 - Cardioid using W-Frame
I proposed that sealing one of the slots in W-Frame dipoles could yield Cardioid response.

14/9/12 - Z-Frame Dipole Subwoofer
Small dipole loudspeakers are competing requirements due to the need for pushing air with large woofers.
Here is an idea to squeeze the footprint even more by using opposing force. 

After three coats of Tung Oil

Routing and fitting baffle to 'furniturise' S19.
Perfect fit for both Seas DXT and Vifa XT25 tweeters. Uncoated baffles.

Mahogany (Eastern) test finish. 1 coat of Tung Oil


DanTheMan said...

Beautiful work Gain! Keep us up to date.

DanTheMan said...

Nice work Gain! Keep us UTD.

DanTheMan said...

Nice work Gain! Keep us UTD.