R16 - Constant Directivity Loudspeakers

Based on S16 prototype these loudspeakers were commissioned to participate in a US audio research project, the Princeton University 3D3A (3D Audio and Applied Acoustics).

See 3D3A measurements of R16 here.

DIYAudio discussions here.

The 3D3A Lab was founded in 2008 by Professor Edgar Choueiri with a research grant he obtained from the Shostack Foundation to study fundamental aspects of spatial hearing in humans. The laboratory became operational in early 2009 and was completed later that year with the addition of an instrumented anechoic chamber.
While I had not heard the research's results the goal is very ambitious. Imagine watching a 3D movie without those polarised glasses -- this is what our normal Stereo listening is like. The research attempts to bring those 'glasses' into the audio world, hence the left and right ears receive correct sounds correspondingly.

Done correctly, the result would be the holy grail of recording and listening to music. Get a pair of headphones and listen to this recording  and this to get some ideas what could have been achieved.

Update 10/2/15
Outdoor measurement to determine directivity

Update 14/9/15

Princeton 3D3A published measurement results of the R16. They have very generously published results of 25+ other speakers too so audiophiles have a rare chance to look at independent party investigation on loudspeaker performance.

I am mostly happy that my outdoor measurement (using ironing board!) closely resemble the lab results. It validates that outdoor measurement with cheap microphone is sufficient for our hobby.


Unknown said...

hi gainphile,

I've been following your work with the utmost interest.
I've been wondering if you found a drivers that you liked enough to bring back the Dayton Audio H10RW 10" Round Waveguide 1" Threaded for your R16 project
please let us know.
Best regards

Unknown said...

with what tweeter are you plannig to pair your dayton 10" waveguide on your R16 loudspeakers.
Best regards.

Anonymous said...

wondering with what tweeter will you pair the dayton 10" waveguide on you new R16 loudspeaker.
best regards

gainphile said...

Hi Quentin, I have 2 favourite compression drivers: D220Ti and the more expensive DE250. Surprisingly I found D220Ti more accurate and use them for this project.


Bob Sweeney said...

Hello Andi, first off thanks for selflessly contributing so much to the audiophile community with your blog and your posts on various forums. I currently own some Linkwitz Orions I built in 2006--they are still the .01 version without the rear firing tweeters) and would like to convert them to something akin to your R16 design using the same Dayton waveguides and D220Ti's you used. I would also like to replace the analog crossover/equalizer I bought in 2006 with an active crossover most likely using a minidsp 4x10HD. Did you use minidsp for your R16 crossover and if so could you share some of the setting information? If not, that is fine and thanks anyway.