Open Baffle (OB) Loudspeaker Articles

Collection of well-written articles and investigations about Open Baffle Loudspeaker design:

Advanced Articles:
  1. Measured Monopole and Dipole room response
    By Elias:
    I did some measurements with monopole and dipole bass in a room.
    Particularly I try to pay attention to temporal behaviour since as I believe steady state measurements in this case are pretty useless when considering human perception. Also I try to match the measurement excitation signal to represent the final situation, that is music.
    Music is no impulse nor steady state sinusoid, thus I'm using short tone bursts with shaped envelope. It will give quite good visuality to what is happening in the room due the reflections.

  2. Monopole vs Dipole bass
    Elias gives emphasis on temporal fidelity of the reproduced signal. Real music signal contains time domain energy variations that must be reproduced accourately before high fidelity is achieved. This is also true for bass.

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