Garage Audio Room, the "Gaincave"

Before (13 June 2011)

Latest progress (18 Nov 2011)

To construct a dedicated Audio room with sensible acoustics and aesthetics for under $500.

This is a journey in constructing a dedicated listening room. The room is a 1-car garage which needs major cleanup.

Build discussions is at StereoNet Australia.

I tried playing the S9R dipoles in the garage. To my surprise it sounded very good despite tin roof and door. Later measurements revealed RT60 of 250ms, which is *more dead* than my living room (400ms). Looking at all the "junk" in the garage it will be a long journey, but acoustically it's very good already! Target room reverb for dipole loudspeakers are about 300ms - 500ms.

Major cleanup and update
- Curtains
- Lighting and automatic turn-on sensor

Cost tracking

Heater - $60
Curtain accessories - $110
Downlight kit - $40
Automatic light sensor - $15
Total so far = $225
Target max = $500

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