Past Projects

Various speakers I built in the past which I remembered to take pictures of, not in any particular order.

Why build so many speakers? Because only transducers and speaker topologies makes acoustical difference to a hifi sound. Not CD players, not DAC, not Amplifiers, and most definitely NOT cables!

S11 Bookshelf OB speakers.

S9 with H-Frame woofers

Two 10", Vifa P13, and tweeters in dipole configuration
Sufficient output for a desktop OB!
Sept. 2008

Same thing as above before painting

Building Pluto Clones.
May 2008

Trapezoid 3-way OB speakers.

One 10" woofer was not sufficient in terms of bass output

How would dipole-monopole hybrid sound like? In short...not good.
May 2008

Experiment with U-frame dipole woofer.
Good output but not so good sound, most likely due to distance to the wall.
April 2008

What the H-frame setup look from the front.

Trying out H-Frame baffle.

Also not too good due to distance to rear wall avoid dipole radiation pattern.
April 2008

Small dipole desktop speakers. Passive XO. There's no bass output.
March 2008

The small desktop dipole from the front.

The woofers are taken from $12 dicksmith bookshelves.
They eventually used in the Pluto clones.

My first amplifier build for almost 20 years of HiFi hibernation.
Oct. 2007

My first ever Active Crossover.
Dec. 2007

"Number One". First dipole speakers!
It was finished in Christmas eve of 2007.

Very simple crossover.

Number Zero. The first time I ever heard of dipole speaker was this one, and not even a pair. I knew right away that this is 'the way'.
Dec. 2007

The drivers were from kerbside rubbish and the baffle was from unused kitchen cabinet.

Eminence alpha 15" + $4 Jaycar midrange.
Nov. 2008

Investigation on influence of driver offsite (time alignment).
The experiment was failure as the resonances kept from actually making good judgement.
Oct. 2008

Eminence Alpha 15 + Jaycar mid + TangBand 3" as tweeters.

Eminence Alpha 15 + P13WH + Tangband 3-way

The "S9". Most refined OB I built.
Aug. 2009

The "S8". Bass output was great but the 30cm baffle is too wide acoustically for 5" P13WH
March 2009

Another pic of S8. It requires 10 separate amps, but I ended up using 6.

The "S7", the right progress for smooth polar response and revisited as "S9"
Jan. 2009

P13WH mounted on very narrow baffle.

S7 XO work in progress!

Eminence 15" measured to investigate if it's worth to clone the Physics CS2.
The answer was NO.
It was a very hot summer night.
Jan 2009

Experiment in horn-loading tweeters.

Eminence Alpha 15" + Horn loaded tweeters.

10" woofer + Tangband fullrange 3".

These were actually promising for future revisit to "Desktop OB"
Nov. 2008

Simple xo


I don't know why I have so much shots taken.

Investigation of omnipolar tweeter + Dipole mid and low.

Testing in the living room.
I went back between Omni and Dipole numerous times. Always ended up having the Dipoles as perferred speakers.

15" Eminence Alpha + P13WH Midrange + Tangband 3".
Big enough for a desktop system ;) ?

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Anonymous said...

How do you like the 15" desktop open baffles? Especially compared to the later 8" ones. I am using a pair with 8" EV Wolverines. They are pretty good, but bass is lacking. I just got a pair of 15" Wolverines. My room is not big enough for floor standers, but I am thinking about using the 15" on my desk. Thanks!