Gainclone built progress

I decided I won't spend $300 for casing but if you search the term 'Gainclone' in Google images there are heaps of excellent design samples. Mine uses Jaycar $15 casing which looks nice and tidy for its price.

The toroid and amps circuit fit perfectly.

30/12/07 - Managed to cram 4 channels of 3875 amps into this little box. It's a two-tier setup. The whole system now sounds really great but I'm having problems with hum on the second pair of amp (pulling hair...). Also I don't know why the new pair runs hotter even though they are exact same design.

7/1/08 - Upgraded the pots using two 100k ohms linear ALPS blue velvets. Result is not much difference.

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Emin said...

The oscillation is the probable reason for the pair amps that run hotter than the other pair. Check the wiring and make sure so-called ground loops don't exist.