S7 Open Baffle Loudspeakers

The S7:
- Fully dipole radiation from 35Hz - 20kHz
- Vifa P13WH midrange
- Eminence Alpha 15"
- Fully active 4th-order Linkwitz-Riley crossovers M-T at 1.5kHz
- 2nd order LR W-M at 300Hz
- Time aligned using phase correction
- Tri-amped using 3 pairs of LM3875 Gainclones

Follow the design process here.


human.bin said...

btw how do they sound compared to the S4? apart from the audiophile taste for low-distortion?

you told s4 sounded real. and i imagine this alse meant pleasing.

would you write a litte, not too technical, review about the sound?

gainphile said...

Both sound similiar, but S4 tweeters were much strained. I could live with either, but now that the S7 is smaller and more pleasing to the eye it's hard to go back to large, imposing baffles.

Anonymous said...

do you listen to the music with your eyes as well?...;)...it looks nice though..

2litre said...

Just out of curiosity, do you find the woofer panel seperated from the mid/tweet panel a necessary design feature? In the past I've done wide flat panel OB's like your earlier designs. Your recommendation of no more than 2x the mid driver dia. has me thinking again, although in a vertical alignment rather than one with the offset bass panel.

gainphile said...

Separate baffle for woofer is ok *if* you cross low enough. My finding is 200-250Hz at the maximum, the lower the better. This would ensure non-localization and good dipolar pattern. My approach was simply aesthetics as I want to keep the thin baffle "undisturbed".

AtlanticPlayboy said...

What do you think of this Vifa driver? It seems to have even more extension on both ends than the P13, while being even flatter across the board. http://www.tymphany.com/datasheet/printview.php?id=322

would the roll-off of this driver permit a no-crossover implementation?