EP21 - Single Stereo Speakers (SSS)

My 21st loudspeakers are implementation of Elias Pekonen's Single Stereo Speakers (SSS). This unique concept utilise single, center-positioned main with front and side firing drivers and actively utilise room reflections as important aspect of sound reproduction.

The drivers radiate as follows:

As you can see this is a unique approach to Stereo reproduction.

You can read the full concept at Elias' website.

The build progress are posted at DIYAudio

Topology: Active 2-way
Radiation pattern: Single speaker, front and side-firing
Directivity: Monopole side-front waveplane. Dipole or Cardioid bass 200hz and below
Frequency response: 20hz - 18khz.
Sensititivity: ~83dB
Dimension (H, W, D): TBD
Amplifiers: 4-Channels required (2x stereo amps)
Crossover: One 2x4 MiniDSP

Update 2/11/12 - Project brief posted at DIYAudio
Update 8/11/12 - First design posted
Update 13/11/12 - Drivers arrived, 3x HiVi B3N
Update 23/1/13 - No progress yet ....!
Update 5/7/13 - No progress ... I better pull my finger out :)

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