Physics CS2 Clone

This is my journey to clone Emerald's Physics CS2.

There is a discussion on this topic at AudioCircle forum.

Bill of Material:

Logistics and costs (Australia)

4x Eminence Alpha 15A : AUD400 - obtained 30/09/08
2x Selenium drivers :
2x 12" waveguides :
Behringer DCX2496 : AUD450.
Cheaper option is to build corresponding analog filters.
Panels :

30/9/08 - The woofers are ready...

2/1/09 - Project abandoned.

After running prototypes and crossing the Alphas to 1kHz with appropriate notch filter I am not convinced that running them that high is beneficial. While tonality is good and I was surprised of their resolution as 15" driver at that frequency, beaming is a real and audible problem. I since then pursue the design where drivers are used at their optimised 1/2 wavelength formula.


garbage said...

how's the clone going so far?
i'm surprised that you were able to find a waveguide that looks exactly like what the CS2 used. i think it may even be the actual item used, judging by the number of screw holes and the 12" size.

i've heard the CS2 locally recently. it was really very good sounding... unfortunately, i am not able to squeeze out 3' of rear space for the speakers...

rooms here in singapore is not that large. :(

Anonymous said...

I am cloning the CS2 with the Alpha Drivers but I am using DDS 10inch waveguides and a pair of B&C DE250 compression drivers crossing over at 1.4K using the DCX2496. From all of my research and listening of the CS2, I believe that the weaknesses are the 12-inch Parts Express plastic waveguide and the titanium driver.

ariel & andrew said...

Dave, that's interesting. How would you evaluate your system vs. CS2 and are you making the config file available ? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is a "brother" project whith passive Xover, I´m working on.




Soon ... I post pics.