S4 Open Baffle Loudspeaker

These prototypes are further continuation of Stealth 2. Where is #3 you may ask? Well it was a prototype failure and skipped.

Eminence Alpha15A crossed 24db at 1kHz. Good tonality was achieved but both drivers especially the vurnerable TC20 are strained.

What I gained from these prototypes are 1) Excellent bass using the Eminence with correct shelving lowpass filters, 2) Eminence peaks and their appropriate notches, 3) The Alphas have surprisingly good upper frequency extension.

This measurement was taken from listening position, in-room. Ignore the SPL numbers as I did not calibrate them.


Almereida said...

great, i must say i was expecting the 3, i thought you were going to pass mid/highs to the tb bamboo,
but the 4th i like much...

will you publish some more info? or should i ask on diyforum? i saw you are in there...

perhaps what is the xo point?

gainphile said...

I did try crossing the TB but the domes sounded much cleaner although they are strained. I need to get a lower-fs tweeters.

Problems with the TB's I think are: resolution and beaming at higher frequency.

Can't win all I guess.