S14 DSP - 4 Way Open Baffle with DSP XO

A work in progres ...

These are 4-way Open Baffle loudspeaker design with 3-way main panel and inverted W-Frame subwoofers.

- Low midrange distortions, by assigning separate drivers for low-mid and high-mid duties
- Low vibrations due to W-Frame subwoofer's opposing forces
- Small footprint and height

- The 5" high-mid drivers may proven to be too small for the baffle width
- Designing 4-way crossover will be more complex due to phase interference
- Back to back dome tweeters' known limitation. "dipolar" response, instead of dipole

Tweeters: Vifa DQ25 with phase shield removed. Back to back.
Mid-high: Fountek FW146 5" aluminium woofer
Mid-Low: Seas L21RNXP, 8" aluminium woofer
Subs: 4x Jaycar 10" Paper cone

Two 2x4 MiniDSP Kit
Advanced 4-way crossover plugin

Sure Electronics ClassD 4*100 watt

Follow the design and testing process at HTGuide Forum.

Target frequency response of S14

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