Dipole / open baffle speakers

Just when I was wrapping up my project, I mounted 10" woofer onto a piece of panel, and never looked back. A day later I completed a pair of dipole speakers (open baffle) using only pairs of very cheap speakers I found on the side of the road.... and it sings the most beautiful notes.

There is no 'box' feeling. Just instruments and air that "breathes". There is an inherent low-frequency tradeoff as it is not as loud, but when it does get there -- what a bass! I love it so much I don't know what's next for improvement.

Perhaps it is time to finally .... listen.


8/1/08 - Fixed crossover calculation:
cutover freq 2500Hz
woofer imp. 8 ohms, L stays 0.5mH,
tweeter imp. 4 ohms (2x parallel 8 ohms), C changed from 3.3uF, then 2x3.3uF, then to 15uF but later back to 10uF in parallel (sounds better)

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Anonymous said...

U are right...2 x dipole sounds really amazing good :)