Gainclone sound & review

I run the Gainclone using a pair of Jensen SPX-7 speakers bought second-hand from eBay which are (surprisingly) very well built. Temporary source currently either my IBM Thinkpad X31 (WinXP) or my IBM T23 (Ubuntu) but a proper tubed-DAC is on the way.

The Gainclone is a very nice, musical-sounding amps. I needed to run it in for about 48 hours and then it is simply is very hard to fault. Very detailed and fast -- from high to lowest frequencies, it reveals many sounds I did not notice before. It is a very musical amp and makes listening very relaxed and enjoyable.

I enjoy a wide range of music using this amp, from the clarity of piano and tenor voice of Christian Willisohn in Hold on I'm waiting for you ... to Metallica's Lars Ulrich snare drums in Holier than thou.

The Gainclone delivers big time!

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